RambleCast: Amanda Delcore.

If you’re interested in bike packing, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Amanda DelCore. A Blackburn Ranger in 2015, Amanda rode the Great Divide trail as part of her adventure. She remains helping that program evolve for Blackburn and has started her own rides and clinics to get more folks, especially women,  interested in bike packing while building confidence to tackle their own epic adventures. We sat down with Amanda to talk about the Blackburn Ranger program, bike packing and the Ramble.

Checkout Amanda’s Ranger Adventure over at Blackburn. Follow along with Amanda on Instagram @small_tomatoes and her blog.

RambleCast is hosted by Andrew Yount and Logan VonBokel. We’re talking to folks who support the Ramble Ride and the Bike Packing community. Follow them on Instagram @dirtyrubber and @loganvb

Keep up with locations for Amanda’s clinics on her blog:


  1. Women-identifying Intro clinic: Week of June 19 / (general bikepacking orientation, story-telling, one-on-one discussion about your bike, gear, and dreams)
  2. Session 1 – The Bike and the Bags: Week of June 26th / (what bike to take, how to outfit it with bags… without going broke)
  3. Session 2 – Camping Gear: Week of July 10th / (it’s all about trade-offs, so what do you take, and how to you carry it?)
  4. Session 3 – Nutrition, Hydration, Hygiene, and Preparedness: Week of July 17th / (this one might sound lame, but I’ve now treated several people for dehydration, extreme fatigue, and a minor concussions during bike packing… so, being prepared is cool!)
  5. Steamboat Ramble 2017: July 28-30 / (a great opportunity to flex your new bike packing skills if you’re an experienced cyclist)
  6. Women-identifying only Standard 24-hour Overnighter: August 5-6 / (for those women who want a manageable, first time bike packing trip. it’s tailored to the people who want to ride; a highly curated and guided trip)

If you can’t make it to Fort Collins, contact Jillian Betterly. She’ll be doing clinics in Boulder.

Amanda DelCore

Photo by John Watson

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