Training for the Ramble? You should.

There’s hundreds of reasons why you should train for the Ramble. Having done the Steamboat Ramble myself, I’ll cover the one reason I think is most important:

I guarantee you’ll have more fun if you are more fit.

Look, maybe you can finish this ride “off the couch,” — you wouldn’t be the first person to accomplish that — but the reason to train for this ride, just a little bit, is that you will have more fun each day. And when I say “train,” I don’t mean hire a coach, get an indoor trainer, and kill yourself every day. That will just make you end up hating your bike.

“Training,” in this case, is a couple rides a week that you would not have done before you made the decision to take on an epic bike packing trip. The Ramble has made this easy for you, as they are PROVIDING a training plan.

I know, you’ll say, “I’m in the shape of my life, I’ve never had any problem finishing a ride.”

That’s probably true but — aside from rides like the Steamboat Ramble being a 3 day, 200 mile ride, with 20,000 feet of elevation gain, and 4 mountain passes over 10,000 feet — do you want to roll into camp after dark, drained, on an empty tank, barely making it? Or do you want to arrive at camp before dinner with enough time and energy to set up your tent, with a tasty beverage in hand, while discussing how much fun you had with your fellow riders? The latter story is how you want to do this ride and it’s the way that will be most fun.

Zack earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Colorado State University. As part of his education, he participated in many hands on exercise science practicum and internships, coaching many types of athletes, specifically cyclists. Zack is rider for Team Cliff Bar, a coach for Source Endurance and owns the Training Center of the Rockies here in Fort Collins.

When you sign up with the Ramble, you get a free training plan from Zack that’ll help you get ready to rock the Ramble.


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