What if I get tired?

Last year prior to the Steamboat Ramble, I told folks if they had any questions to get in touch. As you’d expect, lots of questions on food, on camping, on all sorts of things. But quite a few asked about getting tired. The answer was yes.

You will get tired. But who cares? On the second day on the Steamboat Ramble, I rode last over first real climb of the day and as I started to head down into the valley, I spotted two bikes leaning on trees. Nearby were Paul and Devon, taking advantage of the late morning sun and quaking Aspens. By taking a snooze.

Try that at Grinduro.

The routes we choose are challenging but it’s not a race. I tell folks that the Ramble is what you make it. Ride fast, ride slow. Stop and check things out. Have some fun. There’s no reward for being first and no one cares if you’re last to camp.

Who would blame you for holding an skid contest? Own it. Photo by Ian Hylands.

Sure we’ll prod you along and maybe require you to take a cutoff if you miss a time limit (because of impending darkness) but last year, arrivals each day ranged from 7 hours to 14. Think about that!

We take care of the destination, you take care about the journey.

When you do roll into camp, there’s food, cold beers and lots of activity for you to take part in. But maybe after a quick snooze.

Camp life is Ramble life.  Photo by Ian Hylands

On the Ramble you carry your basic bike packing gear: shelter, warm clothing, items you’d need in case of weather or need to bivvy. There are vehicles and places you can bail to get into a van, but we’ll do everything we can to help you pedal in.



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