Which tire is best?

Perhaps no question has more importance than what tire to ride. Or really, what type of tire.

Let’s cut to the chase: ride tubeless. If you don’t have a tubeless pair, put some sealant in your tubes and bring extra tubes no matter what you ride. And a pump.

Ramble courses are a mix of gravel and dirt roads, with some pavement and some gnarly tire eating sections for the unprepared. The best tires really are adventure specific tires like you’ll find from Teravail. Fast rolling with enough traction to handle any of the terrain you’ll encounter, tires like the Teravail Cannonball have been my choice.

On a gravel bike you’ll want at least 38c and even 40c if your bike will accommodate. On a mountain bike, 2.2″ was the most common width but you’ll see plenty of plus sized tires as well.

We’ll have range of tires from Teravail on hand in case of emergencies, tubes you you to grab for the ride and Orange Seal provides sealant for the ride so make sure you grab some. Even if you’re running tubes, it’s a good idea to get some sealant in there to make sure you minimize your chance for flats.

Guess who wasn’t riding tubeless? These folks. Photo by Logan VonBokel

We’re your friends but not your mother. Come prepared. We’ll have sealant and extra tubes for you in case you need it. It’s up to you to remember to use them. 

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