What is a Ramble?

Part bike packing, part adventure riding; the Ramble is a ride unlike any other.

The 2016 Steamboat Ramble crew getting ready to head out. Photo by Ian Hylands

A multi-day event, with supported ride stops and catered camps, each Ramble takes you through unique landscapes along challenging routes. The overall mileage for each ride is less than 200 miles and split as evenly as possible over 3 days of riding. We keep the routes to as much dirt as possible and cover county gravel roads, forest roads and even some double track when we can.  And the views are always amazing.

Photo by Ian Hylands

For the ride, you carry your own basic gear each day. Because we’re taking you through some spectacular and secluded locations, the goal is to carry what you’d need to be self sufficient for a 60-75 mile ride with the ability to stay overnight on route if needed. Check out “What Should I bring?” for more information.

But as challenging as the routes can be, camp life makes up for it. Fully catered, and fully stocked thanks to New Belgium Brewing, Ramble camps are the place to come together and share the day’s adventure and a few laughs with friends.

The other thing you’ll notice is we limit participation. We do this for several reasons: First is the impact on the routes. 50-60 folks riding bikes on back and gravel roads is a lot. It’s also an impact on the camp locations even though we stick to campgrounds. Most importantly, it offers an intimate experience to share with a smaller group of like-minded friends but still gives you the opportunity to find time to yourself or a small group.

Rambles in the past have been transformational for folks and quite possibly be one of the best rides you’ll do all year. The format is specifically tailored so those new to bike packing and adventure riding can participate in a setting that challenges them. And at the same time, even accomplished riders and bike packers will find the adventure rewarding. The Ramble is an event that you’ll long remember.

You know the saying that it’s about the journey, not the destination? Well, the Ramble is about both.

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