What should I bring?

The format of the Ramble means you can leave some items at home.

We take care of breakfast and dinner in camp and will have ride food and a lunch stop on route. If you’re sensitive to ride food and there is a particular brand you like or drink mix that doesn’t upset your stomach, bring it.

Off the bike.

Feel free to bring one duffle of post-ride clothing/personal items. This could be a heavier jacket for camp, clean clothes for the end of the ride, towel, wipes, whatever. Keep it to a small or medium sized duffle or pack. These items will be loaded each morning and transported to camp each day. We cannot guarantee access to these bags during the ride however so plan accordingly.

On the bike.


For what to carry on the bike, think of the Ramble as consecutive over-nighters rather than an extend tour. You’d pack different right? No need for cooking gear or main meals. No need for heavy, camp-time clothing. No need to carry things you might need “just in case”.

Do pack on the bike any personal items you’ll need (medications, sunscreen, cameras, etc.). Pack your shelter and sleeping kit. Bring light layers for stops or weather. Pack a hat. Bring some water purifying tools (drops or smaller squeeze filters suffice). Pack lights. Carry ride food. Be prepared for mechanicals and flats.

The goal is to be self-sufficient enough to move from camp to camp with the ability to bivy overnight on route if you had to. On the bike, this fits into a seatpost bag, small frame bag and a smaller handlebar bag and typically less than a 10-15 pound load.

It’s up to you whether to carry your mess kit on the bike or in your camp bag. You don’t need much: bowl and/or plate, cup and utensils is all.

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